Shelter Fund

Besides leisure, the image of the Palapas symbolises shelter and relief. Here at Las Palapas, we take this meaning to heart by donating a portion of each bill to our charity fund – the “LP Shelter Fund”!
The Las Palapas Shelter Fund has been created to facilitate people helping others. It is our belief that if we share some of our good fortune with others who are less fortunate, we will be making the world a better place. Since we first started speaking to others about this idea, we have received many offers of support and have seen people from outside of Las Palapas become very enthusiastic about the initiative as well. 
From the very beginning, before our doors were even open, we intended to focus our support on two charities per year, allowing us to devote our time and resources to forming real partnerships with the charities we believe are making the most difference to the causes we believe in. This focus also means we can commit the money we raise to specific projects that we believe are particularly worthwhile. And, as we are hoping to enlist your help in supporting these projects, we will also be happy to give you detailed and meaningful reports of our progress and contributions. This way you can see what our combined efforts have achieved locally and around the world! 

So far this year we’ve enlisted
149 members & shared 5,664 meals

Join our team and let’s see what our combined efforts can accomplish!

Step 1 - Download the app. 
Click your operating system below to get the app and create your account!

Step 2 - Join Our Team
Once your account is set up, go to your profile in the top right corner, select “team” in the middle & add #LPShelterFund to join our team! 

This is important because this is how you contribute to our team and keep track of our combined progress.
Step 3 - "Share the Meal"
Click the Share The Meal icon and choose your donation amount! 

Feed a child for 1 day - $.65
Feed a child for 1 week - $4.55
Feed a child for 1 month - $19.50 
Feed a child for 3 months - $58.50
Feed a child for 1 year - $237.25 

Remember — every little bit helps! 
We practice kindness here.
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