Every Saturday & Sunday 9am - noon
Breakfast Burrito – our weekend favourite for the last few years: crumbled chorizo, scrambled egg, shred cheese blend, guacamole, salsa fresca rolled inside a wheat flour tortilla. Served with ranchero sauce and refried beans.

Breakfast Tacos (your choice of corn or wheat tortillas) served with Papas Fritas(fried potatoes) or Frijoles Charros (cowboy beans)
  1. diced cherry smoked bacon OR shred chilied pork, scrambled egg, shred cheese blend, salsa. 
  2. diced fried potato, scrambled egg, poblano pepper strips, refried beans, shred cheese blend, salsa. 
Breakfast Mollete – refried beans, scrambled eggs, diced cherry smoked bacon, shred cheese blend, salsa fresca melted on a toasted birote bun. 

Huevos Rancheros Cemita (Sandwich) – refried beans, egg, ham, ranchero sauce, shred cheese, cilantro on a toasted bun. Served with Papas Fritas (fried potatoes). 

Breakfast Tostadas –refried beans, scrambled egg, shredded smoked beef barbacoa with bacon bits, shredded cabbage, queso fresco, salsa fresca served with Papas Fritas (fried potatoes). 

Enfrijoladas (your choice of corn or wheat tortillas) served with Papas Fritas (fried potatoes) or Frijoles Charros (cowboy beans). - scrambled eggs, guacamole and queso (cheese), smothered in a rich bean gravy with a side of salsa verde. 

Tropical Fruit Plate – assortment of tropical fruits, and veg with tajin seasoning and fresh lime. 

Assorted Sticky Buns – sticky buns 

  • Huevos Revueltos (scrambled eggs with peppers and green onions)
  • Frijoles Charros Borrachos, (cowboy beans, beer and bacon with all the fixin’s)
  • Papas Fritas con Todo, (fried potatoes with onions, peppers, tomatoes, cilantro and seasoning)

Our cuisine hits the highlights from the tropics of the Americas, with added contemporary touches. Our proprietor, K-John (a well-known local chef), has traveled in these regions working with local cooks and chefs, learning regional traditions and lore, and expanding his repertoire. Excursions include: a culinary tour of Cuba with Cuisine Canada resulting in an honorary membership in Asociacion Culinaria de la Republic de Cuba, and a culinary expedition of Mexico DF and the central valley including Tlaxcala and Puebla with Rick Bayless and Josefina Santacruz. Culinary Tour of Mexico City contemporary haute cuisine Mexican style with Ricardo Munoz Zurita of Azul Restaurantes  and Merida and the Yucatan Peninsula with Ricardo Munoz and Rick Bayless.
We wish to share both the local home style cooking of these regions as well as the upscale versions presented by some of the best hotels, restaurants and resorts of the tropics of the Americas. Our menus will include some of the more familiar cuisine of the American Southwest and Mexico, as well as more exotic items from the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Our kitchen has developed a philosophy with our cuisine:
1. We intend to use only the freshest and purest ingredients possible, hoping to not only impress the palate but also cultivate a healthy lifestyle.
2. We intend to utilize local suppliers for as much product as possible, supporting local farmers and at the same time staying in touch with our food and where it comes from.

Many of our meals come with a gluten free option or are gluten free. Any items that are NOT GLUTEN FREE will be marked with an asterix: *
Jerk sauce, Mustard Criollo, or Rancho Queso Dressing are NOT gluten free sauce options.

Botanas (appetizers)

Guacamole Fresco avocado (cut fresh when ordered), onion, sea salt, lime and crema fresca, served with corn chips .
Totopos fresh fried corn chips baked with cheese blend and green onions, bell peppers and served with your choice of salsa.
Salsas -your choice of two: Fresca, Roja, Verde, Chipotle or Molino. 
Totopos Con Pollo with salsa chicken baked on top.
Totopos Con Carne Asada with grilled steak strips and onions.
Totopos Frijoles with refried black bean and pickled peppers.
Totopos Loco with chili braised pork, beef, shrimp, chicken and steak strips.
Alas (chicken wings) fried and tossed with choice of Jamaican Jerk Sauce, Chipotle Glaze or Powder Wings (smoked chile powder).
* Carne Asada Frito deep fried steak strips seasoned and served with ranchero sauce.
* Bite and Kiss Shrimp Jamaican Jerk style with crema fresca and mango salsa.
* Coconut Shrimp (Yucatan style) seasoned and battered with shred coconut served with our sweet chipotle sauce.
Quesadilla de Pato roast duck sautéed with onions and a ranchero sauce with cheese blend in a flour tortilla served with mango salsa.
Chipotle Riblets baked pork rib tail ends glazed with our sweet chipotle glaze.
* Tres Amigos our appetizer platter with Carne Asada Frito, Coconut Shrimp and Powder Wings.

Queso Fundido - Choices

Chorizo y Poblano housemade Mexican sausage, onion and poblano strips and mushrooms sautéed and then smothered with melted mozza Baked and served with fresh totopo chips.
Champinon y Poblano mushrooms and onions and poblano chile strips on a sizzler platter and smothered with melted mozza Baked and served with fresh totopo chips.
Queso Fundido Mazatlan spice boiled shrimp and salsa fresco on a sizzler platter smothered with melted mozza topped with enchilada sauce and cilantro and served with fresh totopo chips.


Pozole “To fortify the constitution and warm the heart ” Mexico’s traditional daily soup – a meal in itself, blending the earthy flavours of Mexican maize with the vibrant fresh flavours of the New World bounty
De Barbacoa hearty beef broth, shred beef, with hominy corn and onions.
De Pollo hearty chicken broth, shred chicken, with hominy corn and onions.
De Verduras vegetable broth with hominy corn and roasted vegetables.
Please help yourself to the Pozole condiments at the pozole bar to build your soup:
Green onion, crema fresca, queso fresco, radish, cabbage, pickled and fresh chiles, tortilla strips, lime wedges, marinated beans, onions escabeche, shred carrot, cheese blend and salsas

One trip per bowl of Pozole please.  Pozole Bar for soup only , thank you.

Ensaladas (salads)

* Bean Salad Criollo Caribbean style three bean salad with hominy corn, garlic, bell peppers,onion, cilantro and fresh greens dressed with lime and malt vinaigrette.
Ensalada de la Casa fresh greens with avocado and tomato wedges, shred carrot and jicama, radish, cucumber slices and green onions garnished with tortilla chips and pickled peppers Choice of house made dressings: Chili Lime Vinaigrette, Cumin Citrus, and Rancho Queso
* Con Pollo with salsa chicken or jerk chicken breast.
Con Carne Asada with grilled steak strips.
Con Camarones with sautéed salsa shrimp.    
 Caribbean Mango Slaw chopped mangos, chayote, peppers, onions and cabbage with sweet spicy dressing, raisins and coconut - served with your choice of:  
• Mango Honeyrummed Chicken Breast with toasted almonds
• Con Carne Asada marinated steak strips
Chicken Tamal Lunch Served with salsa fresca and your choice of sweet potato fries or bean salad or tossed salad or arroz Mexicano or refried beans.

Especialidades de Las Palapas (House Specialties)

Served with arroz Mexicano, a Topolobampo vegetable skewer and choice of beans.
Enchiladas Con Mole chicken enchiladas served with an earthy, robust, sauce of tomato, roast nuts, spices, herbs and Mexican chocolate.
Shrimp Adobo shrimp sauteed with fresh bell and jalapeno peppers, onions and garlic in a chipotle adobo sauce, deglazed with fresh lime juice.
Ribs Ranchero Palapas grilled baby back ribs slathered with ranchero sauce a la Las Palapas.
Mango Honeyrummed Chicken Dinner two grilled chicken breasts sautéed with honey, butter, mango puree and a hint of rum with toasted almonds served on a bed of mango slaw (with toasted coconut and raisins).

Special Plates

Steak Tampiquena Plate flatened marinated sirloin steak, grilled medium, served with tomatillo corn tortilla with cheese, refried beans, guacamole, shred lettuce, a vegetable skewer and roast corn salsa fresca.
Paella Cubano Plate Cuban style paella seasoned with bijol oil baked rice with onions, celery, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, peas, cilantro, shrimp, spicy sausage, chicken garnished with a crawfish and a vegetable skewer.


Wheat Flour Tortillas with Melted Cheese
Served with a side of sweet fries or bean salad criollo or tossed salad or arroz Mexicano or refried beans enchiladas con mole
Camarones shrimp, green onion, peppers with a cheese blend and fresh fruit salsa
Steak Diablo carne asada (marinated steak strips), fresh jalapenos, cheese blend and green onion
Citrus Chicken salsa chicken, spinach, skim mozza served with salsa fresca
Mole Chicken salsa chicken with our mole and queso fresco
Roast Vegetable roasted peppers, zucchini and onions with spinach and cheese blend and served with salsa fresca
Chorizo y Champinones crumbled chorizo, mushrooms and onions with cheese blend and salsa fresca
Three Mushroom Quesadilla seasoned, sautéed, portobello, crimini, and button mushrooms, wilted spinach with onions, cilantro and skim mozza
Pollo y Champinones chicken breast slices with mushrooms, wilted spinach, onions and cheese blend
Ranchero Black Bean Poblano black turtle beans and ranchero sauce with poblano pepper strips (mild green chiles) and mozza cheese


Your choice of Corn or Wheat tortillas, stuffed and rolled and smothered with enchilada sauce.
Served with a side of sweet fries or bean salad or tossed salad or arroz Mexicano or refried beans.

Pollo a trio of chilied flour tortillas with shredded chicken tomato sauté, smothered in enchilada sauce, cheese blend and crema fresca.
Mariscos a trio of chilied flour tortillas stuffed with shrimp, crab and Baja seafood sauce, smothered in enchilada sauce, cheese blend and crema fresca.
Frijoles y Maiz trio of chilied flour tortillas stuffed with a black bean and corn salsa with quesa fresco, smothered in enchilada sauce and crema fresca.
Pato our famous duck enchiladas napped with a cointreau orange butter cream and crema fresca.
Barbacoa our famous beef barbacoa with cheese blend, smothered in enchilada sauce and topped with crema fresca.
Chilied Pork a trio of chillied flour tortillas stuffed with shredded pork braised with a sweet chile sauce and rolled with cheese blend and topped with cheese, crema fresca, and a smokey chipotle salsa.


Wheat Flour Tortillas Stuffed and Rolled 
Topped with cheese blend, crema fresca, salsa fresca and served with arroz Mexicano and choice of beans.
Black Bean and Steak black beans and steak strips, rice, shred lettuce, cheese blend and salsa roja.
Chicken and Charred Corn shredded chicken tomato sauté, rice, cheese blend, shred lettuce and charred corn salsa.
Camarones y Chorizo spice boiled shrimp and diced chorizo sausage, rice, cheese blend, shred lettuce and fresh fruit salsa.
Black Bean and Roast Vegetable roasted squash, peppers, onions, black beans, and rice, cheese blend and shred lettuce.
Chicken Chorizo Mushroom Burrito shredded chicken, crumbled chorizo, mushrooms, onions, lettuce and cheese blend.
Chickpea and Black Bean Burrito curried chickpeas and black beans, shred cabbage and cheese blend, smothered with enchilada sauce.
The Big Burrito burrito loco, the famous wet burrito with chili braised ground beef and pork, onions, rice, cheese blend and shred lettuce, smothered with red and green salsa, crema fresca, salsa fresca and extra cheese.

Molletes (mo-yet-ehs)

* Mollete crusty French loaf smothered with refried beans and skim mozza and broiled. Topped with salsa fresca.
* Mollete Con Pollo crusty French loaf smothered with refried beans and skim mozza and broiled. Topped with warm shred chicken mix and salsa fresca.
* Mollete Con Carne de Puerco crusty French loaf smothered with refried beans and skim mozza and broiled. Topped with spicy and sweet chilied pork and salsa fresca.

Tacos (Two per Order)

Your choice of corn or wheat tortillas filled and folded.
Served with a side of sweet fries or bean salad or tossed salad or arroz Mexicano or refried beans.
Poblano Pork Tacos shred pork braised with chipotle salsa, shred cabbage, cheese blend, topped with salsa verde and crema fresca.
Chicken Adobo Taco chicken breast slices braised in chipotle adobo - smoky - medium spice with shred cbbage, cheese blend and salsa fresca.
Curried Chickpea Taco curried chickpeas with nappa cabbage shred and mango salsa.
Fish Tacos the famous Baja style soft tacos with fried fish, shred cabbage, radish cream sauce, and salsa fresca, two per order.
Chilorios Tacos seasoned braised shredded pork, cheese blend, shred cabbage and salsa fresca, two per order.
Beef Barbacoa Tacos smoked, slowbraised and shredded blade roast, shred cabbage and salsa fresca, two per order.
Shrimp Tacos spiced boiled shrimp with sweet chipotle mayo, shred cabbage & salsa fresca.
arroz mexicano
refried beans
* bean salad criollo
tossed salad
vegetable skewer
sides caribbean slaw 
crema fresca 
add on a tamales 
sweet fries
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